Cooling plants

A necessary condition for storage in Controlled Atmosphere is the provision of rooms made suitably gas-tight. The entry of oxygen from outside should not exceed the biological consumption of the stored product.

Controlled Atmosphere combined with low temperature works more effectively on the metabolism of produce, for example reducing the production of ethylene by the fruit, slowing the breakdown of chlorophyll (green colour), delaying hydrolysis of the pectin (maintaining flesh firmness), and slowing the breakdown of vitamins and acids.

From a marketing point of view, this means not only preserving the organoleptical qualities of the produce, but also reducing losses due to pathogens (fungi) and to well-known physiological disorders such as common and senescent scald and the appearance of chilling injuries. Isolcell, following the needs of the customer, can supply Controlled Atmosphere plants complete with cooling systems: the most suitable cooling systems to obtain an optimal fruit storage in Controlled Atmosphere conditions are the indirect refrigeration type.

This system, which is supplied for plants at medium to large size, compared to the traditional direct expansion system, has the advantage that it can achieve a lower “Delta T” air-to-refrigerant; consequently higher relative humidity is maintained, meaning a lower fruit weight loss. As required, the control of the cooling plant can be centralized with the C.A. plant by using a computer.

ISOSOFT software can monitor all of the room’s parameters (temperature in various parts of the room and in the fruit, relative humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations), control the C.A. equipment, the cooling plant,the humidification system, will log the machine operating times and all the measurements. Furthermore, with a modem, it is possible to display the data of the rooms and to monitor the whole plant remotely.