Insulation panels

Experienced technical staff of ISOLCELL have provided ground-breaking contributions to the best possible use of polyurethane sandwich panels and doors in C.A. rooms, and was the first in Italy to introduce new materials and techniques for gas-tightness.

  • Galvanized sheet metal

  • Galvanized sheet metal

  • Stainless steel sheet metal

  • Laminated fibreglass with injected polyurethane core

Qualified technicians constantly check the polyurethane titration, as well as the plant manufacturing the sheet metal components, to guarantee the quality of the product. The polyurethane used is CFC free.

The technology used in the construction of panels guarantees maximum robustness, non-conductivity and water-tightness. Years of experience have shown that this technology provides optimum gas-tightness, which is absolutely necessary for Controlled Atmosphere storage rooms.

Prefabricated insulation panels of polyurethane foam sandwiched between:

C.A. rooms built with polyurethane sandwich panels must be designed to withstand pressure up to 30 Kg/sqm. During the normal operation of a C.A. room, pressures oscillate around 10 mm Water Gauge, i.e. 10 Kg/sqm. However, experience has shown that, sometimes this value is exceeded.
This is the reason why it is suggested to increase the thickness of panels and to use the system with injected joints, which guarantees a more rigid room structure. The injected joint panels are used also for L.T. rooms, whilst for 0°C rooms, not in C.A., dry groove-and-tongue joint are commonly used.