Automatic starchmeter

Automatic starchmeter for controlling the ripeness of apples and pears

Advantages - Objective and automated measurement of starch hydrolysis (starch stage), a universally used assay as an index of ripeness in apples and pears; reproducible instrumental measurement immune from erroneous interpretation of the visual reading; quick measurement on single piece and/or sample of max 12 pieces; measurement feasible for all variants without having to refer to specific figures.
Operation principle - The starch stage is highlighted through reaction with an iodine-potassium iodide solution. The equatorial section of the fruit thus treated is photographed, then the image is processed and the starch value is computed and displayed, for each single piece and as an average over the sample (max 12 pieces). The starch value can be displayed in accordance with commonly used reference scales of 1÷10 (internationally recommended), 1÷5 or 1÷8.